We are very pleased to announce our Representation of:

A North San Diego County based company, Innovative Microscopes provides high quality and economical stereo microscope solutions. We design, manufacture and distribute our microscopes and accessories. Our products include a range of stereo and digital microscopes.

News: March 2019

News September 1st 2018






Jendco Technologies is pleased to announce the addition of                  ARTOS ENGINEERING COMPANY

                  for World Class wire processing solutions. 

Circuit Board Repair Equipment 2013

March 2013:


Jendco Technolgies adds Crystal Mark To the Manufacturers they Represent to provide Precise Micro-Abrasive Blasting Capability. This technology is ideal for Conformal Coat Removal on circuit boards, Varnish Removal of all types, Gold Pad and Terminal Cleaning. These systems have an endless field of applications in industries such as Electronics, Medical, Wire Processing, Military and many more.